Meet the modern learner: #Infographic Engaging the Overwhelmed, Distracted, and Impatient Employee . @Bersin @Deloitte

Hoy, en nuestro navegar erratico por la red de redes, encontramos esta infografía de Deloitte titulada Meet the modern learner ... que forma parte del research Buletin 2014 The latest in Enterprise learning & Talent Management

A noticeable lack of participation, engagement, and satisfaction exists in corporate training offerings these days. This is largely because business itself, and companies and learners have all changed faster than many learning and development (L&D) organizations have kept up. Enterprise L&D departments have started to adapt their approaches to building, buying, and delivering learning programs. But, in many cases, they still are not fully embracing the fact that much employee learning does not actually happen in formal training courses or via learning management systems (LMSs).1 In this bulletin, we look at two key trends that have significant implications for L&D professionals: • Several changes in the work environment which are dramatically altering learners’ needs and habits • Changing priorities that are driving new approaches to learning for the modern workforce

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 Fuente: [ slideshare vía Bersin Deloitte]