"Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’". @wef

HOy traemos a este espacio el  White Paper del World Economic Forum de Diciembre de 2017 In collaboration with PwC del titulado: "Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’", que nos presentan así Hodkinson Chairman, Arup Group:

The concept of sharing is as old as human civilization. It has existed for centuries but has recently attracted a lot of attention focused on the ways in which digital technologies have opened avenues for sharing and collaboration. In cities, new digital technologies are revolutionizing the ways in which we use transport, housing, goods and other services – whether driven by economic or social reasons. Sharing has also changed the way we work. The sharing economy has virtually disrupted all sectors, creating a multitude of platform-based marketplaces that connect individuals, enterprises and communities at a peer-to-peer level. The sharing economy is making cities redefine land-use strategies, minimize their costs, optimize public assets and collaborate with other actors (for-profits, nonprofits, social enterprises, communities and other cities) in developing policies and frameworks that encourage continued innovation in this area. This paper focuses on the drivers of sharing in a city and how cities can embark on the sharing journey. While citizens have reaped benefits from sharing, there have also been concerns regarding trust, safety, security, social equality and regulatory challenges that will have to be addressed as sharing becomes ubiquitous through these platforms. We hope this paper will inspire cities to take a cue from our case studies and guide future discussions on how cities share and collaborate in achieving their public goals effectively and efficiently. Gregory

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