The History of Wearable Technology. #Infographic @staysourced #AI #IoT

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de stay sourced titulada " The History of Wearable Technology" y que nos presentan así:

Whether you own any of the gadgets or not, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid wearable technology. With established tech giants like Apple, multinational banks, and sideways looking start-ups all buckling up for the wearable ride, the future has gone from being held in our hands to being strapped to our wrists.
From experiments like Google Glass to the Apple Watch, many new wearables are marketed as extensions of the self, theoretically allowing wearers to walk through the world with an added ease and awareness of surroundings. With wrist held maps telling you exactly where to walk and turn, you’ll never get lost again. With contactless payment, the awkwardness of PIN machines is a thing of the past. And with unlocking doors being as easy as a flick of the wrist, say goodbye to the frustration of lost keys.
However, as of yet, this interconnected world is still just a dream of tech companies. It’s safe to say that most people probably don’t have Apple Watch compatible locks at home, nor are most people planning for replacements in the near future.
The fact is that most new technology elicits some form of suspicion. This is in part based in our unease in the new and unfamiliar, and also in the potential for faults or oversights in gadgets that are brand new, and as of yet largely incompatible with the world around them. Without an iPhone, an Apple Watch is just a watch. An expensive watch.

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