viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

25 ways to learn faster. Infographic by @WriteMyPapers__

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía titulada 25 ways to learn faster.  Infographic  by @WriteMyPapers__  y que nos presentan así:

There’s so much to learn about the world around us, it can be easy to get greedy for knowledge. Between the things we need to know for work or school, deepening our leisure interests, and keeping up with current affairs, our brains have an awful lot to work through – and ever more inventive sources of distraction. So when the moment comes that you need to smarten up on a particular topic in a short time – be it for a test, a meeting, or maybe there’s someone you want to impress – naturally you’ll require some streamlined methods to separate the signal from the noise.

A key thing you need to learn is: if there’s no deadline – don’t rush. Research has shown that spreading out the learning process over several sessions improves the learning process. To some extent, the longer you take to learn a topic, the longer it’ll stay in your head. And your head is not the only thing you need to think about. Your body is a complex machine, and the brain is just one organ of many: to keep it relaxed, healthy and malleable, you need to look after your physical welfare. Yoga, for example, is a great aid to learning. Whether it’s due to increased mindfulness, the calm brought about by a good session, or a healthier body, the ancient practice comes highly recommended for active learners.

The brain is a popular topic among researchers, and learning about how to learn can seem a Herculean effort in itself. Thankfully, much of the hard work of these researchers has been distilled into this handy new infographic, which runs through 25 of the most effective ways to set your mind and body to the task of absorbing new information. Be sure to pin it to your desktop, and figure out the handful of tips that will help you the most. With a little preparation and some solid application, you can soon get your brain in shape to learn the facts you need.
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