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Top LMS Industry Facts of 2016. Infographic @iSpringPro

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de iSpring Solutions titulada "Top LMS Industry Facts of 2016."
y que nos presentan así;

The worth of the LMS market was measured at $2.5 bn in 2013, $7.8 bn in 2016 and, according to numerous predictions, the number will have grown to $15.72 bn by 2021. These figures indicate a considerable financial contribution to the distance education field, not to mention the huge potential of the e-Learning market.

LMSs (Learning Management Systems) are widely used in a variety of industries, but the leading one is Education (21%); then comes Technology (12%) and Manufacturing (9%). The number of governmental institutions using LMS software for training purposes remains small (2%).

Beginning in 2011, the growth rate of the e-Learning market amounted to 5.1% in North America, 6% in Western Europe, 8.2% in the Middle East, 14.6% in Latin America, 15.3% in Africa, 16.9% in Eastern Europe and 17.3% in Asia.

55% of all LMS installations are deployed in the cloud, and the other 45% are on-premise LMS solutions.

Top reasons why clients choose a cloud LMS:
Quicker deployment;
No technical resources are required;
Low initial investment;

Top reasons why clients choose an on-premise LMS:
Low costs in the long run;
Security restrictions for storing proprietary data (governmental organizations, banking sphere);
Full control of LMS software and data;
More customization opportunities. (leer más...)

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