sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

The 2016 Higher Education Online Learning . Infographic in @OLCtoday

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía titulada  "The 2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape" de Online Learning consortium, y que nos presentan así:

Today’s Students Are Driving the Online Learning Imperative

Our new infographic illustrates the key topics and trends currently driving the infusion of online learning in higher education based on the most current research from across the field of higher education.
The infographic highlights a number of trends that are affecting this changing landscape, including:
  • Digital learning opportunies being quickly embraced by today’s students
  • An evolving, growing higher education population seeking ease of access and affordable solutions
  • Rising tuition costs requiring innovative alternatives, particularly for low-income families
  • Growing acceptance and adoption of education technology
  • Academic leaders continued commitment to online learning 
  • And the ongoing education conversation in the federal government
Download our infographic to learn more about our perspective on the changing face of online learning.

(leer más...) Fuente: [Online Learning consortium. ]

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