[iJET] New Issue Published: Vol. 10, No. 5, 2015

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Vol 10, No 5 (2015)
Table of Contents


Working Memory and ADHD in Preschool Education. The Role of ICT’S as a Diagnostic and Intervention Tool: An Overview
Georgia Kokkalia, Athanasios Drigas PDFpp. 4-9

ICTs for Assessment and Intervention on Cultivation of Empathy
Athanasios Drigas, Chara Papoutsi PDFpp. 10-15

A Tentative Model of the Link between Constructivist Learning Approach and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Samira Sadat Sajadi PDFpp. 16-21

The System Analysis in Language Teaching and Learning for Technical Students in Russia
Tatiana Sidorenko, Vladimir Yampolsky PDFpp. 22-28

Semantic Web Architecture and its Impact on E-learning Systems Development
Samir Abou El-Seoud, Hosam El-Sofany, Omar Karam PDFpp. 29-34

Development and Application of Offline Learning System in College Teaching
Xiaoyan Zhong PDFpp. 35-39

Design and Application of a Virtual Classroom System in Major Courses in Industrial Arts
Yajuan Liu PDFpp. 40-44

A Framework for Enhancing ICT Competency of Universities in Sri Lanka
Champa Hewagamage, K. Priyantha Hewagamage PDFpp. 45-51

A Cluster-based Personalized Item Recommended Approach on the Educational Assessment System
Chien-Yuan Su, Jiawei Chang, Tikai Chiu, Tungcheng Hsieh PDFpp. 52-58

Chinese Faculty Members’ Open Educational Resources (OER) Usage Status and the Barriers to OER Development and Usage
Yuqing Guo, Muhua Zhang, Curtis J. Bonk, Yan Li PDFpp. 59-65

Short Papers

Analyzing Temporal Patterns of Groups and Individuals in an Online Learning Forum
Mengmeng Cheng, ChienYuan Su, Jianping Zhang, Yuhui Yang PDFpp. 66-71

Contextual Diversity and Rule-based Adaptive E-learning System Scheme
Kalla Madhu Sudhana

PDF pp. 72-76

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