Infographic: Ed tech can change the world. by @ISTEconnects #edtech

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de ISTE .. titulada "Ed tech can change the world " , que se presenta así: No one doubts that technology has changed the world. Now educational technology, too, is finally being recognized as a major game changer.

And not just for education. Today’s students are entering a workforce — and a world — that demands critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, collaboration and tech savvy. When used in ways that truly enhance and deepen learning, new technologies can give students many ways to develop and practice these soft skills, which means they will be better prepared for their future.

Take mobile technology, for instance. Even though smartphones and tablets are a relatively new fixture in schools, according to the 2013 Speak Up Survey, more than 60 percent of students now use them to conduct research on the fly, when and where they need it. Forty percent use mobile technologies to collaborate with their peers, and 43 percent use them for educational games. Not only do these devices foster anytime, anywhere learning, they also engage students in their learning, and students who use them put in 40 minutes more of study time per week than those who don’t.(leer más...) 

 Fuente: [ISTE ]