domingo, 28 de junio de 2015

How to use Google tools in Project-Based Learning. infographic

HOy traemos a este espacio esta infografía titulada How to use Google tools in Project-Based Learning , que nos presentan así :

When you think about some of the key features of Project-Based Learning (PBL), what do you think of? PBL should be student-driven, with a real-world connection. It should be core to learning, include structured collaboration, and have a multifaceted assessment. Giving students a real problem to solve, getting them engaged in their work, having them work with others, and assessing their work with more than just a grade sounds a lot like how many things in the ‘real world’ work, doesn’t it? After all, aren’t we trying to prepare students for the world after school?

Many of the tech tools used in classrooms are made especially for classrooms. This is a great thing in many ways, but if you can integrate tools that students will also encounter in the real world, that should be considered a bonus, too. So why not dig deep into your awesome Google Toolbox and build your project based learning tasks to use these tools? On top of being things your students will likely use once they’re out of school, they’re free, they integrate seamlessly with one another, and you likely already use at least some of them. If you think this is a smart idea, but aren’t sure where and how you can implement some of the tools, take a gander at our handy graphic below. And as always, if you have awesome ideas you think we should include, give us a holler! Drop us a line in the comments

(leer más...) Fuente: [ Katie Dunn in Daily Genius ]

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