The History of Online Education. Past, present and future ... [infographic] [infografia]

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The evolution of technology and of new learning experiences have always been closely related. As distance learning specialists affirm, the field of distance-learning had three main generations:
• Correspondence study
• Multimedia
• Computer-mediated

A brief timeline
On March 20, 1728, the Boston Gazette ran an advertisement offering long distance instruction. And so teaching outside the classroom had its beginning.
1728: Boston teacher offers instruction through weekly letters to anyone in the country
1892: U. of Chicago is first educational institution to offer correspondence courses
1922: Penn State broadcasts courses over the radio
1953: U. of Houston offers course work on TV
1968: Stanford University creates the Stanford Instructional Television Network
1959: Plato is born, the first internet community. Hatched by two U. of Illinois profs.
1968: U. of Alberta (Canada) Dept. of Medicine offers online courses
1984: The Electronic University Network, offers online courses using proprietary software for DOS and Commodore 64 computers
1989: Phoenix rising. The University of Phoenix starts its online program
1996: Duke University begins its Global Executive M.B.A. program which combines online technology and sessions on-campus and at various locations throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America
1999: Jones University becomes first accredited fully web based university; Learning portals, including HungryMinds, Click2Learn, Learn2, eCollege, Blackboard, and others emerge on the landscape
2000: launches with dozens of classes at the University of Texas. The service provides professor web sites, including online course documents, calendars, grades, quizzes and surveys
Jan. 1, 2008: The term MOOC is coined by Dave Cormier of the University of Prince Edward Island
2012: The rise of MOOCs, Coursera, Udacity, edX launch
2013: The Open University builds its own MOOC platform, Futurelearn, with universities from the UK. More MOOCs: Open2Study in Australia and iversity in Germany. (...) (leer más...)

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