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Nº 13 revista @atic . Monográfico: "Educational Innovation in Chemical Engineering"

Hoy traemos a este espacio el No 13 (2015): Autumn (July-December, 2014) de la revista @atic
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Table of Contents


Making the impossible possible PDF
María Jesús Martínez Usarralde


One minute papers: student performance and satisfaction PDF
Milagros Vivel Búa, Rubén Lado Sestayo, Sara Fernández López 1-11
Teaching academic writing: An intervention across the curriculum PDF
Beatriz Martín del Campo, Manuela Martínez Lorca 12-22

Learning with ICT

Virtualized reality: An approach to literary education in digital enviroments PDF
Lucas Ramada Prieto 23-32
Looking at the Classroom as an Image PDF
Francisca Beneyto Ruiz 33-40


Using Berkeley Madonna for model development in Chemical Engineering education PDF
María de la Menta Ballesteros Martín, Ana Moral Rama, Antonio Tijero Cruz, José Antonio Sánchez Pérez 41-48
Web tools for Bachelor and Master Thesis elaboration in Chemical Engineering PDF
Maria del Carmen Marquez Moreno 49-58
Educational innovation to integrate safety into experimental subjects PDF
José Miguel Arnal, María Sancho, Beatriz García-Fayos, Amparo Bes-Piá, Beatriz Cuartas-Uribe 59-64
Simulation of an industrial sodium chloride (NaCl) crystallization process and applications
Josefina Renedo Omaechevarría, Cynthia Sacristán Pérez, Josefa Fernandez Ferreras 65-74
Teach learning. Learn teaching. Creativity in graphic design for Chemical Engineers PDF
Yolanda Lifante Gil 75-87
QR codes implementation and evaluation in teaching laboratories of Chemical Engineering PDF
Francisco Javier Álvarez-Hornos, Marta Izquierdo Sanchis, Amparo Cháfer Ortega 88-96
A new methodology of autonomous learning aplied to a Chemical Engineering practice through research- action techniques PDF
M. Cano, F. Vega, S. Nilsson, Celia García Arenas, L.F. Vilches, C. Leiva 97-103
A Friendly-Biological Reactor SIMulator (BioReSIM) for studying biological processes in wastewater treatment processes PDF
Raul Molina, M. Isabel Pariente, Ioanna Vasiliadou, Ivan Rodriguez, Fernando Martinez, Juan Antonio Melero 104-113
Chemical Engineering European Project Semester: an international proposal for teaching Chemical Engineering PDF
María J Rivero, Eugenio Bringas, Antonio Dominguez, Inmaculada Ortiz 114-121
Virtual Laboratory of teaching-learning: numerical solution of the conservation equations using finite volume method applied to extended surfaces PDF
Cintia Casado Merino, Emanuele Schiavi, José Antonio Calles 122-131
A continuous assessment through Goodle-GMS to more than 800 students in Chemical Engineering PDF
Carlos Leiva Fernández, Ana Cornejo Fernández-Gao, Celia García Arenas, Fabio Gómez-Estern, David Muñoz de la Peña 132-137
“Project Based Learning” approach to teach gas and steam power systems PDF
Asier Aranzábal 138-148
Innovation in how to assess group work to motivate students' attention PDF
Jaime Soler Herrero 149-154

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