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Chapter 3 Scenarios for the Future of Schooling. Schooling for Tomorrow : What Schools for the Future? . OCDE

Hoy traemos a este espacio para la lectura el Capítulo 3 Scenarios for the Future of Schooling. de Schooling for Tomorrow : What Schools for the Future?  de la OECD ... que nos presentan así ..

Schooling for Tomorrow has published the following eight titles to date in English and French, and some in Japanese. Selected papers from these publications are available on this knowledge base in full and abbreviated versions, organised by theme. The complete publications can be purchased in paperback or e-book format through the OECD bookshop, which also offers most of the publications in PDF read-only format.

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This volume, together with "Personalising Education" (see below), discusses the concept of "demand" from the perspectives of parent, student, and communities, and shows how schools recognise and respond to their demands. It presents evidence on attitudes and expectations towards schooling in 12 countries, and explores the question of whether this trend represents progress toward democracy, or is merely a manifestation of rampant consumerism. - Go

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This volume describes the shift from the one-size-fits-all approach to education of the industrial era toward a "personalisation" of education and public services in knowledge-based societies. It explores many possible meanings, purposes, and possibilities for personalised learning through eight expert papers, some relating to developments in specific OECD countries, which were presented at an OECD seminar on the subject in London in 2004. - Go

Si algo me llamó la atención, para la discusión .... es la estructura en tercio de este cuadro de 6 escenarios for the Future of Schooling ... como siempre la trilogía como sistema (no sólo de herencia cristiana? el padre , el hijo y el espíritu santo? #porpreguntáNOmas

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