The Future of E-Ducation Report . The Impact of Technology and Analytics on the Education Industry

Gracias al amigo @josepjc hoy traemos a este espacio este informe  “The Future of E-ducation“, written in collaboration with  Gold Mercury International, the Corporate Vision® Strategy Think Tank.  The Paper draws on many of the case studies from  SVC2UK  2013 and explores what the future is likely to look like for teachers and students.

FOREWORD by Nicolas de Santis, President of Gold Mercury International & Sherry
Coutu - Chairwoman of SVC2UK (Silicon Valley Comes 2 the UK)

Open Sources and the Internet Web 2.0
Case Study: EdModo
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
Case Study: Minerva University (upcoming)
Case Study: Veduca
Digital Literacy
Case Study: EBI Project

Mobile and Multi-Faceted Technology
Cloud Computing
Case Study: Knewton
Mobile Learning Devices
Case Study: Sistema UNO - SANTILLANA
3-D Learning Tools
Case Study: Raspberry Pi and MOOC
Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Analytics
Game-Based Learning
Case Study: Kahoot!
Virtual and Remote Learning Platforms
Learning Analytics
Case Study: ClassDojo
Digital Assessment
Special Feature: How technology is disrupting education
and helping the poor – By Dr. David McNally
Report Team

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