MOOC Strategic Considerations Infographic

Hoy traemos a este espacio, para nuestra sección [infographic] la siguiente infografía: Managing the MOOC Momentum en Parthenon Perspectives ..
11.20.2013 by Robert Lytle

MOOCs raise strategic questions for college and university leaders in 2014 and beyond.
Robert Lytle, a Partner and Co-Head of Parthenon’s Education Practice, identifies four
considerations when managing the MOOC momentum:
  • Credit for MOOCs will fit into established processes already embedded in post-secondary institutions
  • All MOOCs are not the same – different plans work for different students and institutions
  • Introductory courses tend to generate surpluses, exactly where MOOCs may be most prominent
  • For highly differentiated institutions and programs, MOOCs are a “marketing nirvana”
See the infographic below for more detail, and hover over each number for the full perspective:

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