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Designing the future classroom - Mainstreaming the results of the iTEC project
iTEC, a flagship four-year EC-funded project involving 14 Ministries of Education, has doubled its original target by now involving over 2000 classes across Europe in its future classroom pilots. The project evaluation is also showing an extremely positive impact on students’ knowledge, skills and understanding, and a beneficial effect on teachers, especially on their technology-supported pedagogy, digital competence, and motivation.

Learning Activities for innovative classrooms

The iTEC pilots, now in their fifth and final cycle, have developed Future Classroom Scenarios and Learning Stories and Activities to inspire teachers to change their pedagogical practices with the support of ICT. Learning Activities and Learning Stories have been developed through a participatory design process with teachers. Moreover, European Schoolnet has also delivered an international programme of online and face-to-face training, including courses at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels on teaching and learning activities for the future classroom.

Supporting students’ knowledge, skills and understanding

The newly published meta-analysis of the evaluation data over the first three cycles shows that the project has had a positive impact on students’ knowledge, skills and understanding – in particular on their 21st century skills, motivation, engagement, attitudes, and learning practices. iTEC has also had a beneficial effect on teachers, having a positive impact on their technology-supported pedagogy, digital competence, and their motivation and attitudes. Almost 90% of teachers agreed that the iTEC process enabled students to become more deeply engaged in their work, and allowed them to undertake more collaborative activities. Teachers observed also a higher student attainment, an increase in student autonomy and independent learning, as well as more opportunities to learn beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Mainstreaming the iTEC results

"Every Classroom a Future Classroom" conference, taking place on 10-11 October 2013 in Brussels for 150 invited delegates, will look at the challenges involved in up-scaling and mainstreaming innovative teaching and learning practice in order to make every classroom a future classroom. The conference will discuss on scalable processes for the adoption of advanced competencies by teachers, 21st century skills for learners and change management for schools.
iTEC has also published a magazine "Designing the future classroom" that summarises the project developments and outputs up to date. Read the magazine online here.

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Tambien os dejamos una de las entrevistas, como ejemplo,  de la serie : en este caso Kristen Weatherby, Senior Analyst on the OECD's TALIS project (Teaching and Learning International Survey), speaks on emerging trends in teaching and learning, such as Bring Your Own Device and the use of social media in education. Her keynote presentation is available here: Challenging visions of the future classroom.

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