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Experiences. The Transmedial Expansion of the Matrix Universe. Annika Wik

Hoy traemos a este espacio este artículo de Annika Wik Stockholm University (Sweden)
 ... titulado Experiences. "The Transmedial
Expansion of the Matrix Universe" :

head of research

Annika Wik has been a contributor of ideas and an advisor to the development of the organisation since its start in 2007. She has a doctorate from the Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University, where she has been a researcher and lecturer for over ten years. Her research focuses on the relationship between film and contemporary art. Since the spring of 2010 she has collaborated with Magdalena Malm in establishing a research division at MAP with the goal of exploring questions regarding the development of artistic methodology, the structure of cultural organisations and the audience’s experience of art.  As the head of research she has previously led the research project Mobility, Dialogue and Experience: Audience in contemporary participation culture and is currently involved in a project about viewer perspectives in collaboration with Riksutställningar / the Swedish Exhibition Agency.

Abstract. Over time the Matrix universe has expanded, growing ever larger. Two  aspects  of  this  phenomenon  will  be  highlighted  here.  Firstly,  the transmedia narrative will be examined, which filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski have taken to the very limit possible. The narrative transcends different media platforms illustrating how narratives morph and re-morph into different forms, something which media analyst Henry Jenkins refers to as  our  contemporary  convergence  culture. What does  it mean  to have  a complete movie experience in today’s world? Secondly, the role of interactive spectator, the interaction that is developed in the production of games and
accompanying media, will be examined. Close attention will be paid to how the media world of Matrix actualizes the shifts from spectator to participant, player, and media activist, which today take place in a variety of contexts. What do these shifts mean and where do the activities take place? Normally, phenomena such as transmedia storytelling and shifts from spectator to users, players  and media  activists  are  associated with  the popular mainstream culture.  It  is,  therefore,  important  to  keep  the  discussion  open  to  the inclusion of all forms of media. Both of these aspects will be discussed from the point of view of contemporary art illustrating that the same phenomena exist in all media contexts.
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