KZO’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs About #eLearning

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KZO’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs About eLearning ...

Aquí tienen el listado, por si alguno no conocía dichos blogs:

Focused on Technology for Learning

1. Kirsten Winkler wants to show you “what’s next” in the education space. One of the first bloggers in the education 2.0 space, Kirsten will guide you through all things eLearning, social media, and education.

2. eLearning Blog Don’t Waste Your Time is a blog which we’d recommend you do waste your time on! The posts can help you to understand how technology is changing the way we interact and educate our students. The blog is run by David Hopkins, a learning technologist interested in the uses of technology in higher ed.

3. Kapp Notes hopes to share eLearning insight with audiences of all ages, from baby boomers to gamers. Some of its recent posts focus on 3D learning—a technology we definitely want to keep our eyes on!

4. In the Middle of the Curve is Wendy Wickham’s blog. On Twitter, she describes herself simply as an “eLearning person.” Her blog offers a helpful resource for anyone looking for detailed thoughts on eLearning as well as new technology, training software, and more.

5. Upside Learning Blog is the blog component of the Upside Learning company, which specializes in a wide range of learning technology solutions. The blog features a variety of authors and includes valuable news, advice, and reviews for all things eLearning—from mobile learning to game-based learning and everything in between.

6. eLearning Guild Blog focuses on building a community and showcasing resources for anyone interesting in eLearning practices and techniques.

Focused on Learning Design

7. eLearning Brothers is written by brothers who have built online courses for major Fortune 500 companies. Their goal? To help you “create awesomeness” in the eLearning space—definitely something we can get behind!

8. Custom Training and eLearning Blog wants to train and empower new leaders using eLearning to advance their professions. It focuses on corporate training and workforce empowerment via technology to train a new generation of business leaders.

9. The Rapid e-Learning Blog features colorful graphics and frequent updates. The site shares practical tips to help you understand all things eLearning. Tom Kuhlmann, a veteran in the training industry, hosts the site.

10. E-Learning Queen is written by Susan Smith Nash, who has been involved in eLearning since the early 1990s. Although she runs this blog, she claims she’s not the E-Learning Queen—the reader of her blog is! Susan calls herself the Queen’s assistant, and she wants to help you navigate the complex world of learning technologies while also taking into consideration the social, psychological, and cultural factors associated with global learning.

11. The eLearning Coach provides tips and reviews for online and mobile learning. Authored by a veteran in the eLearning space, you can be sure you’re getting the best knowledge for your eLearning journey.

12. E-Learning 24/7 Blog is run by Craig Weiss, a thought leader in eLearning and social learning. His blog aims to help eLearners understand new trends and emerging technology.

13. Langwitches Blog comes from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, a Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist. Langwitches Blog features information on all things digital learning, such as how to incorporate social networking and technology, like the iPad, into your online learning practices.

14. Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog, authored by a distinguished teacher and eLearning professional, offers valuable insight into the ways we can use technology for digital storytelling, ePortfolios, networking, and more.

Focused on Learning Thought Leadership and Best Practices

15. Nigel Paine focuses on learning technologies, organizational leadership and development, and creativity. His blog aims to help companies and their employees foster innovation and improve their performance in the workplace—often through eLearning practices.

16. Elliott Masie’s Learning Trends comes from the MASIE Center, an international think tank focused on improving the workforce. Their blog focuses on learning trends–from videos to infographics to social learning practices, Elliott Masie covers it all.

17. Stephen Downes’ blog is a treasure trove of news, opinion, and technology pieces focused on the eLearning space. He describes his site as “more than just a site about online learning…it is intended to demonstrate new directions in the field for practitioners and enthusiasts.”

18. Derek’s Blog focuses on the ways technology is shaping and changing education. He offers insight on leadership, modern day educational challenges, learning, and assessment.

19. Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions is run by the Vice President of Learning Design at Kineo U.S., a global eLearning company. The author has 15 years of experience designing corporate training and eLearning programs, so you can be sure you’re reading insight from the best of the best.

20. GoodPractice is a company that creates learning and development material for managers and other leaders. Their blog offers a slew of insight from various contributors about the best eLearning and leadership practices.

21. Angela Maiers Educational Services wants to help organizations use communication and social technologies to learn and grow. Angela’s blog is helpful to anyone just learning how to leverage these technologies to foster learning.

22. Teaching Without Walls is written by Michelle Pacansky-Brock, who wants to use emerging technology to empower students and reinvent education. Her blog features a slew of helpful insight regarding learning in the digital age.

23. Jane’s Extracts is comprised of a collection of posts from Jane Hart, a social workplace learning specialist. She covers a variety of topics critical to social learning and collaboration.

24. Educational Origami covers all things educational, and offers helpful insight on topics such as the future of technology in the classroom, professional development, online video, and more.

25. Harold Jarche is committed to helping organizations learn, work, and innovate in our technological era. On his blog, he shares his ideas about today’s management and education models.

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