viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Designing for learning . #eLearning Papers special edition nº 27

Hoy traemos a este espacio el número 27 special edition de eLearning Papers titulado
Su editorial comienza así:  
New open, social and participatory media clearly have significant potential to transform learning and teaching. They offer learners and teachers a plethora of ways to communicate and collaborate; to connect with a distributed network of peers, and to find and manipulate information. In addition there are now a significant range of free educational resources and tools.

While there is great interest in using these new technologies to the benefit of learning and teaching, there seems to be a gap between the promise and reality of the use of technology in education. There is also a lack of evidence that education has changed fundamentally in light of the introduction of new technologies into the classroom. This paradox, the gap between the potential and actual use of technology, lies at the heart of the growth of a new area of research that has emerged in recent years.

Learning design research aims to better understand this mismatch. By focussing on the development of tools, design methods and approaches to help teachers design pedagogically effective learning activities, it offers a potential solution to address some of the challenges above. This 27th edition of eLearning Papers focuses on learning design, with the aim of clarifying and disseminating different perspectives and practices in the field.
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