LRMI: The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative

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The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is a project to create a common vocabulary for describing educational content. While there are many benefits to such a project, the main goal of the initiative is improve end-user search and discovery of learning resources. Read below for a general overview or visit our FAQ page for more specific details.

Why LRMI and Why Now?
Other organizations, such as IEEE and Dublin Core, have done groundbreaking and valuable work in the realm of metadata for education. LRMI is not intended to supplant these or other frameworks already in place. So why add a new one into the mix?


LRMI was formed in response to an unprecedented opportunity. In June 2011, Microsoft Bing, Google, and Yahoo! announced their plans to publish a common metadata framework for online content that can be more efficiently and accurately indexed by their search engines. One of the guiding principles of the project is simplicity—this is key to a speedy and widespread implementation. There’s just one problem: education is complicated.

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is working to make it easier to publish and discover quality educational content and products online. This new project, co-led by the Association of Educational Publishers and Creative Commons, could have a huge and beneficial impact on both creators and users of educational content and products. Find out more about the initiative in general, or what it means specifically for you.

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