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Aquí tenéis un enlace a un artículo y un timeline sobre la historia reciente de internet By Mark Ward. Technology Correspondent, BBC News website

By Mark Ward
Technology Correspondent, BBC News website

Particle tracks from Cern experiment, Cern
From its origins at the Cern lab the web has become a phenomenon
In a few short years the web has become so familiar that it is hard to think of life without it.

Along with that familiarity with browsers and bookmarks goes a little knowledge about the web's history.

Many users know that Sir Tim Berners-Lee developed the web at the Cern physics laboratory near Geneva .

But few will know the details of the world wide web's growth - not least because the definitive history of how that happened has yet to be written.

Zero to hero

One key date is 6 August 1991 - the day on which links to the fledgling computer code for the www were put on the alt.hypertext discussion group so others could download it and play with it.

Internet timeline
Trace the web's explosion from a tool for physicists to a part of everyday life
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