New solution delivers rapid training without programming

San Francisco - October 4, 2004 - Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) today announced Macromedia Captivate, which enables anyone to easily record onscreen activity and create software demonstrations and interactive simulations. Demonstrations visually show the steps required to complete a task, instead of forcing users to learn by reading step-by-step text-based instructions. Simulations provide an interactive learning experience that requires user input. Both content types can be automatically created with Captivate, and can include audio, animation, and scored interaction. For more information on Macromedia Captivate, visit http://www.macromedia.com/go/captivate.

"As more organizations invest in software as a critical component of their infrastructure, Captivate enables them to train users rapidly and more efficiently," said Tom Hale, general manager, Macromedia. "Instead of the time investment and cost of training users in person, Captivate lets anyone record actions, add annotation and voice, and create an experience as rich as having an instructor in the room."

Captivate goes beyond basic screen recording by letting users create customizable software simulations with scored interactivity and instructional feedback. The simulations and demonstrations can also be easily edited, which increases the productivity of content creators and training organizations. (leer más...)

Fuente: [macromedia press release]