[soft] RELOAD.Learning objects

RELOAD is a project funded under the JISC Exchange for Learning Programme (X4L). The project focuses on the development of tools that are based on emerging learning technology interoperability specifications. It is being managed by Bolton Institute. The primary aims of this project are to:

* facilitate the creation, sharing and reuse of learning objects and services
* enhance the range of pedagogical approaches realisable through the use of lesson plans

These aims will be achieved through the production of a suite of software tools for authoring and delivery of standard-compliant learning objects incorporating comprehensive user guides and exemplar resources. The tools will be of significant value to the JISC and wider community, since they provide the crucial "missing link" which allows users to author and transfer learning objects, in specification compliant format, between authoring and design tools, local and distributed digital repositories, and VLEs. (leer más...)

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