[soft] courseGenie

The tool that lets you build a complete interactive course as one Word document

"Do you produce course material in Word format?

Would you like to find an efficient way of transforming it into an interactive online course?

CourseGenie is a new tool that helps solve the content bottleneck, providing a simple, consistent and cost-effective way of producing interactive and accessible courses.

With courseGenie you can write a complete course as one Word document and automatically generate an online course including navigation, popups, hyperlinks, selftest questions, audio and video, with export to plain HTML, WebCT Content Module or IMS formats.

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Anónimo ha dicho que…
CourseGenie is a bad election. Your contents are make in Word, then you never change your OS to Linux, and you need pay licenses Windows, MS Office and CourseGenie.

Choice eXe-learning, platform independent and free.