[ent] Exclusive Interview With Dr. Melody Thompson, Director Of The American Center For The Study Of Distance Education.Sep 16, 2003

"Melody M. Thompson holds a dual appointment at Penn State: in the College of Education as Director of the American Center for the Study of Distance Education

(ACSDE) and assistant professor of education and in Outreach as Director of Quality & Planning for Penn State’s World Campus. Her current research interests include evaluation of distance education programs, institutional policy related to distance education, and the faculty experience in the online environment. Dr. Thompson has written a number of peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters about distance education; with Alan Chute and Burton Hancock she co-authored the 1997 McGraw-Hill Handbook of Distance Education. She has served as book review editor for The American Journal of Distance Education and currently serves as editor of the Sloan-C “Faculty Satisfaction” Effective Practices Web site and on the editorial board of JALN (Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks). She received her B.A. degree in English from Bryn MawrCollege and her M.Ed. and D.Ed. degrees in Adult Education from Penn State. (leer más...)

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