[art] The Institute for Learning Technologies:Pedagogy for the 21st Century

This document was written by Joshua H. Reibel, a Research Associate at the Institute for Learning Technologies and a Ben D. Wood Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University. The HTML version was prepared by Jennifer Hogan, an Assistant Editor at the Institute. September 1994.
"The Institute for Learning Technologies is guided by an understanding that, by and large, the defining characteristics of the modern school precipitate from the implementation constraints of the information technology that enabled and supports them -- printing. As we enter a time when networked digital technologies are fast becoming the prevailing technologies for communication and for information retrieval, processing and creation, the Institute seeks to identify new ways to realize various pedagogical principles -- ways that are enabled by this shift in dominant technologies. The educational principles and practices the Institute advocates have historically found expression in diverse philosophical contexts, and they have implications for the whole of the educational enterprise -- for schools' size, schools' physical structures, schools' temporal structures, teachers' roles, curriculum, methods of curriculum design and development, teacher training, and so on." (leer más...)

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