[art] How Long Does it Take? . Estimation Methods for Developing E-Learning By Karl M. Kapp

"Over the years, vendors and clients have struggled to find an effective method for estimating the amount of time it takes to develop e-learning. Here are four methods for developing estimations.

Since the days of laser disks, the age-old question, “How long does it take to develop on-line learning?” has plagued vendors and clients. The tongue-cheek-answer—always given with a smirk—is, “It depends.” (leer más...)

Karl M. Kapp is author of the book Wining E-Learning Proposals: The Art of Development and Delivery, which describes the entire e-learning development process (available at www.jrosspub.com). He also is the assistant director of the Institute for Interactive Technologies and an associate professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University.

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