#Infographic DIGITAL HEALTH TECH VISION 2018 Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed @accenturehealth

Hoy traemos a esta espacio la infografía de Accenture DIGITAL HEALTH TECH VISION 2018 Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed

The world has reached a point where technology is deeply embedded in our lives—and the lines between business and personal are blurred more than ever. Healthcare organizations are increasingly unleashing the power of intelligent technologies, using them to deliver personalized, efficient and informed care. However, with such innovation comes responsibility. For people to get the full benefits of digitally enabled healthcare services, providers and health plans must prioritize trust and responsibility.

The Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2018 explores five trends that underscore the importance of building a foundation of trust as technology has a greater impact on our lives: Citizen AI, Extended Reality, Data Veracity, Frictionless Business and Internet of Thinking.

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