Blockchain, Credentials & Connected Learning Conference. Malta 17-18 Mayo @3CLMT

Hoy traemos a este espacio la conferencia organizada por the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning   que tendrá lugar en Malta
The conference takes place over two days – 17-18 May, 2018 – at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, Attard. The venue is in the centre of Malta, near to San Anton Palace, the official residence of the President of Malta which was built in the early 17th century as a country villa for Antoine de Paule, a knight of the Order of St John. The Palace gardens are open to the public and house the President’s Kitchen Garden Cafe.
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Blockchain, Credentials & Connected Learning

Connected learning implies a lifelong learning pathway that integrates personal interest, peer relationships, and achievement in academic, civic, or career-relevant areas, keyed to the abundance of information and social connection brought about by networked and digital media.
For this learning paradigm to fully meet the expectations of students, it needs to contribute to their personal and professional aspirations, necessitating it to be supported by a system to measure, record and share educational achievements.
Through its ability to act as a decentralised, stakeholder-led, trusted and interoperable ledger of achievement, blockchain has the potential to be the connective fabric that links different learning experiences across formal and non-formal domains, irrespective of the medium.
The conference brings together thought leaders, academics, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs. The two-day programme looks into current and future applications of blockchain technology and how it may transform credentials for both formal and informal learning. The conference programme is grouped around four, interconnected themes.

Connecting Learning through Blockchain

National, Regional and Institutional policy-makers from around Europe will consider how governments can facilitate innovation in blockchain technology, promote standardization and apply it to educational uses.

Taking Stock of Achievement

Leaders of Blockchain pilots in Malta, the Netherlands, India and the United Kingdom will share their ongoing work in live pilots for mapping credentials using the blockchain

Decentralizing Education

Academics and thinkers will consider the possible futures which can be unwritten by technology that allows for true decentralised student-driven learning.

Learning and Earning

Entrepreneurs and stakeholders will present ideas for new educational systems, products and business models enabled by blockhain technologies.
This is the second conference organised by the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning in Malta – the 3CL in its abbreviated format. Our first conference was on the state of digital education – the conference magazine with links to videos and slides is here.
The 3CL is an education foundation registered in Malta, and currently supported by the Ministry for Education & Employment in Malta and the Commonwealth of Learning in Vancouver.
The 2018 conference levers on the networks and communities of practice that gravitate around the 3CL to focus on the blockchain as an emerging technology with significant promise for the education and employment sector.

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