Using video games for educational purposes. Sonya Milly

The combination of low culture and high technology is one of the most fascinating social features of the video game phenomenon. Computers were invented as super drones to do tasks no human in her or his right mind (much less left brain) would have the patience, or the perseverance, to manage. [...] Now our robot drones, the ones designed to take all the boring jobs, become the instrument for libidinal extravaganzas devoid of any socially productive component. Video games are computers neutered of purpose, liberated from functionality. The idea is intoxicating; like playing with the help on their night off.
Charles Bernstein, Play It Again, Pac-Man, Postmodern Culture, vol. 2 no. 1, September 1991)

The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games.
Eugene Jarvis, Supercade, MIT Press, p. 14

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