INTRODUCTION TO #BST18 Re-Authoring Futures. Program BEYOND STORYTELLING 2018. 18 workshops

Hoy traemos a este espacio INTRODUCTION TO #BST18  Re-Authoring Futures. Program BEYOND STORYTELLING 2018

Futures are unknown and cannot be known.

Yet, individually and collectively, we need an image and an idea how the future will look like to inform and guide our decisions and actions in the here and now.

At the same time, we are tempted, as individuals, organizations and communities to project what we know into the future. All too often, these imagined futures are constrained by what we think is possible or impossible to do.

True change and innovation rests on our ability to re-imagine and re-author the futures we want to live into – to open new perspectives and new ways of thinking and doing.

At BEYOND STORYTELLING 2018 we want to explore the potential of narrative approaches and working with stories to support organizations, individuals and communities in exploring their futures anew.

Program BEYOND STORYTELLING 2018The program for BEYOND STORYTELLING 2018 is currently in development. It will feature key notes, 18 workshops, open sessions and a learning journey. We invited contributors from different fields and professions to share and explore how we can work with narratives to re-author futures in organizations and beyond:

Key Notes
Learning Journey
Open Sessions

Key Notes

Inspiring voices will share their visions and ideas in working with stories in organizations and beyond. The keynotes provide inspiration, a shared language and serve as a kickstarter to spark conversation and exploration.

Chief Listener and Convener

Consultant &Trainer

Chair Future Studies UNESCO


In the workshops we explore practical methods and
frameworks to work with narrative approaches in different fields . Experienced practitioners will provide insights into their toolboxes and assignments , providing a rich and deep field of experience for you to dive into: