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HOy traemos a este espacio dos cuadros sinópticos o esquemas como los llamábamos en mis tiempos ... hoy Infografías ... sobre Transhumanismo ... extraidas de la wiki  H plus pedia ... en realidad son dos páginas de dicha wiki tituladas : Comparison of futurist related ideas and positions & Opposition to transhumanism.
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Comparison of futurist related ideas and positions



The following is an original infographic from Deku-shrub. It is not considered exhaustive of various opinions, nor does every label imply a follower of that position is exclusively in that space. It is however designed to be a helpful introduction to a variety of futurist and transhumanist positions to be used as starting place to finding out more about them.
Ideas placed on the boundary of a section implies either the idea is transitional or disputed.

Ideologies and positions featured


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ProstheticsProstheticsNootropicSupplementsCyborgizationSelf modificationBody modificationWireheadingTranshumanismPostgenderismMorphological freedom enthusiastsCyborgizationCryonicsPosthumanismAvatarSimulation hypothesisInfomorphRussian cosmismSenescenceCultural immortalismRadical life extensionGenetic engineeringHealth 2.0Digital immortalismSpace seedingExistential risksExistential risksWell-Being of all SentienceAnimal upliftTransanimismDigital resurrectionSingularitarianMind uploadingNeural laceLongevismGrinderDigital selfSpace explorationFuturismFuturismTechnophileAIGrinderProsthetically enhanced athleteTypes1.png
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Opposition to transhumanism

The following is an original infographic from Deku-shrub attempting to illustrate the related streams of thought expressive opposition or scepticism toward transhumanist ideas.
Similarly to comparison of futurist related ideas and positions, holding any such position does not inherently mean opposing transhumanism, it is simply an overview into common positions used as a critique. Holding any such position does not prevent anyone identifying with the transhumanist movement, however holding such view are often indicative of distrust or apathy towards transhumanist ideas.


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