"Educar mentes científicas en la escuela" by @melifurman in Educando al Cerebro @edualcerebro

First-world science is one science among many; by claiming to be more it ceases to be an instrument of research and turns into a (political) pressure group.

Pg iii (Intro to the Chinese Edition of AM).

It is clear, then, that the idea of a fixed method, or of a fixed theory or rationality, rests on too naive a view of man and his social surroundings. To those who look at the rich material provided by history, and who are not intent on impoverishing it in order to please their lower instincts, their craving for intellectual security in the form of clarity, precision, "objectivity", "truth", it will become clear that there is only one principle that can be defended under all circumstances and in all stages of human development. It is the principle: anything goes.
Pg. 27 & 28, italics are Feyerabend's

Against Method (1975). Paul Karl Feyerabend

Hoy traemos a este espacio , del Canal de Educando al Cerebro Un puente entre la educación y la ciencia, esta disertación titulada "Educar mentes científicas en la escuela" de Melina Furman, en el marco de las Jornadas realizadas el 3 de Diciembre de 2014 en la Facultad de Derecho de la UBA

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