Artificial Intelligence and the Revolution of Work. Quantifying #AI & Capitalizing on an Automated Global Workforce. @northhighland

Hoy traemos a este espacio, este documento titulado "Artificial Intelligence and the Revolution of Work.
Quantifying AI and Capitalizing on an Automated Global Workforce" de NOrthHighland.

Y que comienza así:

The 1982 film Blade Runner portrays a future with clones, intergalactic travel and flying cars. Yet when Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard, needs to make a call he steps into a phone booth, punches in a 10-digit number and proceeds to converse connected by a cord.

Today, a mobile phone seems an obvious technological jump. However, in 1982, it was unimaginable because the associated task— making a phone call without a cord—was outside our realm of connected understanding. While we were capable of connecting the tasks of flying and driving to a flying car, trying to imagine disconnected functions, tools and systems is far more difficult. And this disconnect is not easily offset by a gain in knowledge. The same disconnect that made mobile phones impossible to imagine 35 years ago is what challenges our basic thinking around Artificial Intelligence (AI) today. In our connected realm of understanding we can imagine a future in which AI takes on tasks we readily understand. We can imagine, for example, a future in which AI drives our cars. But where most people get fuzzy is trying to conceive of AI controlling and optimizing the traffic system for all of Los Angeles. (leer más...)

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