sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017

Blockchain Singularities. Part of a Series on Crytophilosophy. @LaBlogga

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare de Melanie Swan titulada "Blockchain Singularities. Blockchain 101: the Automation Ecoomy and the Future of Money. Part of a Series on Cryptophilosophy"y que nos presentan así:

"Beyond digitalizing money, payments, economics, and finance, blockchains are a singularity-class technology that enables the secure, trackable, automated coordination of very large-scale projects, fleets, and swarms

The implications could be an orderly transition to the automation economy and trust-rich human-machine collaboration in the digital smartnetwork societies of the future "

Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan
    • United StatesUnited States
  • Blockchain Theorist, Philosophy and Economic Theory, New School for Social Research, New York NY
  • Finance / Banking / Insurance
  • www.blockchainstudies.org/
  • I am passionate about high-impact world-changing science and technology
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