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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that describes a totally interconnected world. It’s a world where devices of every shape and size are manufactured with “smart” capabilities that allow them to communicate and interact with other devices, exchange data, make autonomous decisions and perform useful tasks based on preset conditions.
IoT is expected to gross over $19 trillion over the next few years. However, the problem is that these ‘things’ have myths surrounding them, some of which are impacting how organizations develop the apps to support them.
Any new technology involves a certain amount of uncertainty and business risk. In the case of the Internet of Things, however, many of the risks have been exaggerated or misrepresented. While the IoT vision will take years to mature fully, the building blocks to begin this process are already in place.
Key hardware and software are either available today or under development; stakeholders need to address security and privacy concerns, and collaborate to implement the open standards that will make the IoT safe, secure, reliable and interoperable, and allow the delivery of secured services as seamlessly as possible.

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