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The data revolution in education. Informe @UNESCO #BigData

The Data Revolution in EducationHoy traemos a este espacio este informe de la UNESCO, de 81 pp., .titulado "The data revolution in education." que nos presentan así:

The ambitious Agenda for Sustainable Development and Education 2030 requires countries to report more and better quality data to track progress and inform policymaking on education and learning. But how will this broad data agenda be met?

As the Inter-agency and Expert Group Sustainable Development Goal indicators (IAEG–SDG) meets in Ottawa from 28-31 March, the UIS has released a paper that calls for a data revolution in education built on the foundation of national statistical systems and supported by a global compact for monitoring the global education goal, SDG 4.
The Data Revolution in Education, produced by the UIS as a background paper for the Education Commission, includes a set of recommendations for producing and disseminating high-quality education statistics for planning and monitoring progress toward education targets. 
The report calls for changes across three broad areas that address both the supply and demand sides of national education information systems.
Enabling environment: National statistical organizations require an enabling environment underwritten by more funding, investments in technology and skilled personnel, and greater efforts to overcome the fragmentation of education data and evidence sector across government agencies.
Aquí os dejamos el executive summary

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 Fuente: [ slideshare vía UNESCO]

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