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M-Write. Writing-to-Learn Pedagogies at Scale. Machine Learning in University of Michigan @UMichiganAI

Hoy traemos  a este espacio a M-Write. Writing-to-Learn Pedagogies at Scale, de la Universidad de Michigan.
Esta herramienta digital, M-Write, de la Universidad de Michigan, utilizará el aprendizaje automático (machine learning) para calificar los ensayos de los estudiantes.

Y nos lo presentan así: 

About the Initiative

Tags: DIG, Digital Tool, Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Writing-to-learn pedagogies engage students by asking them to explain what they know, to interact with one another through peer review, and to learn through a revision process. Sweetland Center for Writing Director and English Professor Anne Gere and Chemistry Professor Ginger Shultz have developed methods to enable faculty to infuse writing into large gateway courses on campus and tested them in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the College of Engineering. Now they are joining forces with the Digital Innovation Greenhouse to develop M-Write: a digital toolkit supporting the application of writing-to-learn pedagogies at scale. M-Write will combine conceptual writing prompts, automated peer review with rubrics, natural language processing, and personalized feedback using ECoach to create an infrastructure for writing at scale. This will enable the implementation of content-focused writing activities to better engage students from diverse disciplines in the subject matter and increase their comprehension of key concepts.

In 2015, the M-Write team was awarded a $1.8M grant from the Transforming Learning for a Third Century (TLTC) program through the Third Century Initiative to support the development of this tool and the practical use of writing at scale through the use of technology, with the goal of reaching more than 10,000 U-M students by 2021.
Algunos enlaces a noticias sobre la herramienta:

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