Transhumanism and the idea of education in the world of cyborgs. Michal Klichowski

Seguimos constryendo nuestra base de lecturas para nuevas economías, ...hoy traemos a este espacio para la lectura este paper  "Transhumanism and the idea of education in the world of cyborgs" de Michal Klichowski. Adam Mickiewicz University. Poznań. Poland

I have a PhD in educational science. I published 7 books and over 50 papers. I have been working in more than 20 different research projects. I am a member of the editorial boards and a reviewer of several scientific journals.

My current research belongs primarily to the area of philosophy of education, cyberpsychology and cognitive neuroscience. The main goal of my research is a development of knowledge on influence of the expansion of new ICT tools on the cognitive processes.

El artículo comienza así:
We are cyborgs. We are transhumans; transitory people that exist in a luminal
phase2, waiting for a transfer to the posthuman world.3 Our children do not
need education; it is cyborgization that ensures their development. This is the
idea of transhumanistic philosophy, a thoroughly (non-/anti-)pedagogic idea.
In this paper, I will present basic transhumanism ideas and stress the criticism
on education created within this philosophy. This text is neither a systematic
study on transhumanism nor a pedagogical analysis. It is merely an attempt
at showing teachers how education can be deprecated in modern philosophies
that are technologically-oriented.