AI & The Future of Work @vhirsch @TEDxManchester: Work & life in the age of robots

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, Founder, Advisor, Angel Investor (with small wings)
 TEDx Manchester talk on artificial intelligence (AI) and how the ascent of AI and
robotics impacts our future work environments.

    • Stockport, United KingdomCheshireUnited Kingdom
  • Founder, Advisor, Angel Investor (with small wings)
  • I am a founder, advisor, mentor and angel investor (with small wings) with two decades experience in mobile, gaming, entertainment, education and - more recently - IoT and Smart Cities. I generally try to help people - that is if you have a great idea, project, company or calling that does more than optimising the display of cat videos on the Internet... I was involved with a few pioneering deals and concepts, including: -- the world’s first mobile artist services for the likes of Britney Spears, Eve and Duran Duran; -- mobile games publishing for top-tier brands (such as Marvel, Hasbro, Call of Duty, True Crime, Guitar Hero, LEGO, BMW, Konami, WPT, etc) waaay before there was the iPh...

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