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“Reclaiming the Internet” with distributed architectures. First Monday nº 493 Volume 21, Number 12 - 5 December 2016

Hoy traemos a este espacio el último número de una revista que no revisitábamos hace muchíiiiiiisimo tiempo y que leíamos habitualmente, cosas de las épocas... y cuyo número habrá que trabajar con profusión ... First Monday. bajo el título:

“Reclaiming the Internet” with distributed architectures
Francesca Musiani and Cécile Méadel, guest editors

... creo que tendremos que retomar su lectura ... 

Table of Contents

"Reclaiming the Internet" with distributed architectures: An introductionHTML
Francesca Musiani, Cécile Méadel
The decentralization of knowledge: How Carnap and Heidegger influenced the WebHTML
Harry Halpin, Alexandre Monnin
Monuments of cyberspace: Designing the Internet beyond the network frameworkHTML
Paris Chrysos
Blockchain technology as a regulatory technology: From code is law to law is codeHTML
Primavera De Filippi, Samer Hassan
Peer to party: Occupy the lawHTML
Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay
Law encoded: Towards a free speech policy model based on decentralized architecturesHTML
Argyro P. Karanasiou
Alternative rules for alternative networks? Tort law meets wireless community networksHTML
Federica Giovanella
Local networks for local interactions: Four reasons why and a way forwardHTML
Panayotis Antoniadis
Cosmopolitical composition of distributed architecturesHTML
Dominique Boullier

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