lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

30th annual International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement. Ottawa @ICSEImembers

Se está celebrando en Ottawa, desde el día 7 de Enero, organizado por ICSEI el  30th annual International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement.

President's message

Welcome to where educational professionals from all over the world meet to enhance the quality and equity of education for all students in schools globally. ICSEI is an energetic global community bringing together policy makers, researchers and practitioners from over 80 countries in the ICSEI community to share cutting edge knowledge and powerful practice with a view to enabling education systems and schools to become learning organizations for the sake of better education for all.

Large scale assessment outcomes challenge education systems to invest not only in the qualification of teachers and teacher education systems as well as school leadership but also to create practice which enables learners to both achieve academically and live rewarding lives long after they have left school. Schools that are strongly connected, responsive and responsible are best equipped to deal with socio-economic and demographic changes that change the dynamics between young and old, urban and rural, wealth and poverty, immigration and emigration. Education systems are challenged to find the right balance between openness and regulation to enable each school to be responsive.

ICSEI networks address already many of these issues, ICSEI conferences allow for cutting edge research discourse and learning, and the ICSEI community constantly collaborates on exploring and fostering practice that allows a desirable future to emerge. Global responsibility for human rights is more than an instructional topic, equity is more than implementing inclusion, student voice is more than staging participation, and the post 2015 agenda focuses on education for peaceful coexistence among humankind.

It is my honor to contribute to the growth of ICSEI and the wealth of knowledge in the coming two years as president of ICSEI. Many years of exploring systems learning and transformation, as a researcher, consultant, policy advisor, teacher educator and practitioner, have taught me that it takes the wisdom and experience of many to create a better world. Join ICSEI, and become an active member in our increasingly important global work of sharing and learning for better education and better lives.

Michael Schratz
ICSEI President

michael.schratz [at]

ICSEI at 30!

In 2017, ICSEI will be 30 years old. For three decades, this small organization has focused on making schools around the world excellent and equitable.
ICSEI's purpose is simple yet profound: To enhance the quality and equity of education for all students in schools in all countries. (ICSEI Constitution, revised 2010)
Members of ICSEI come from all corners of the earth and from diverse settings. They hold a variety of perspectives and represent policy makers, practitioners and scholars. ICSEI conferences generally attract people from more than 50 countries and have been held across the globe on every continent.
Join us for serious discussion about what works to improve schools.
Por último aquí le dejamos el programa del evento :
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