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State of Mobile Learning in 2016. Infographic Shift disruptive elearning

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de Shift learning, que nos presentan así:

Mobile Learning Stats that Will Make You Rethink Your Training Strategy


There is no question that mobile devices are changing corporate learning forever. However, this doesn’t mean classroom-based training or formal eLearning courses are going away, it just means the mobile movement is demanding companies to rethink their training strategies and to create learning programs especially for mobile devices.
"Within the next five years, we are going to be not just changing but transforming how we train and educate based on mobile," predicts Daniel Burrus, chief executive officer of Burrus Research Associates Inc., a Hartland, Wis.-based consulting firm. “Mobile learning is a bigger deal than most organizations realize. It represents an amazing disruption and opportunity in how we educate" he adds.
Companies cannot ignore mobile learning anymore. If you’re still planning your training strategy for next year, it might be useful to know about some of the most relevant statistics.

Mobile Adoption

1- Mobile-only users now OUTNUMBER desktop-only users.  
According to a Google report of 2016, the number of mobile-only users has grown, and they now surpass desktop-only users. Multi-device usage too has increased, and people now effortlessly switch between smartphones, tablets, phablets, and laptop computers to manage their lives. The numbers below prove how mobile device usage now outnumbers desktop PC use:
  • 80 percent people use smartphones
  • 57 percent people use more than one digital communication device
  • 27 percent people use ONLY a smartphone
  • 14 percent people use ONLY a computer
2- Mobile users will increasingly own and use more personal devices at work.
By 2018, the average mobile user will own and use more than three personal devices, according to a report by Gartner, Inc. And by 2020, this number will be an average of 4.4 per user.
Increased mobile penetration, greater and faster adoption of new technology, improved communication infrastructure, and more reliance on real-time information for decision-making purposes will drive mobile device usage.
3- Mobile Internet usage has increased.
Between 2010 and 2015, daily mobile Internet usage has grown from 0.4 hours to 2.8 hours.

Millennials Mobile Usage 

Is your company ready for the Millenials? It should! Millenials will make up 50% of the worforce by the end of 2020
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