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Leading the pack in blockchain banking. Trailblazers set the pace. Report by @IBMIBV

Hoy traemos a este espacio un informe de IBM Institute for Business VAlue titulado " Leading the pack in blockchain banking Trailblazers set the pace" que nos presentan así:

The IBM Institute for Business Value with the support of the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 200 banks in 16 countries on their experience and expectations with blockchains. What differentiates the early adopters and what can we learn from them?

First movers: Trailblazers set a fast pace and new direction
 Just a handful of banks are operating on blockchains today. In 2017, 15 percent of the banks in our study expect to have blockchains in commercial production. These Trailblazers are prioritizing blockchain efforts to break through barriers to creating new business models and reaching new markets.

Opportunity seekers: Trailblazers prioritize key business areas for optimal benefits 
Time, cost and risk benefits: Trailblazers are prioritizing blockchains in three areas – reference data, retail payments and consumer lending. New business models: Trailblazers expect blockchains to yield the greatest effect in opening up new business models in three areas – trade finance, corporate lending and reference data.

 Shifting profit pools: New vectors for growth and disruption
Defending disruption: Trailblazers see a significant wall of disruption heading their way. They expect five out of nine core business areas to experience significant disruption and are investing in each one. Investing for growth: Across the industry, all banks are investing in international payments, other cash management, corporate lending, consumer lending, mortgages and deposit taking.

Del que escogemos dos esquemas figuras ..que nos apuntan el contenido del informe :

1) When the first international payments on a blockchain crossed the wires, the transaction was completed in a matter of seconds instead of hours.1 Speed of execution, of course, is one benefit derived from blockchains, but speed is also proving the operative word when it comes to blockchain commercialization. Our survey of commercial and retail banks reveals that the industry is hurtling toward blockchain adoption far faster than many expected. Commercial applications in banking are few in number today. In 2017, a full 15 percent of the banks in our study expect to have commercial blockchain solutions at scale (see Figure 1). We call this group the Trailblazers. In effect, 2017 looks to be the year banking on blockchains shifts from zero to sixty. Firstmover advantages for this group include the ability to influence and set the business standards by which others will operate. Moreover, as start-ups take aim at incumbents and new business models expand beyond industry boundaries, first-mover banks will be well situated to get ahead of the consequent disruption. These Trailblazers aren’t the small start-ups or fintechs many might expect to enter first. Instead, Trailblazers are made up of a disproportionate number of medium sized banks and are more than twice as likely to be large institutions that number more than a hundred thousand employees. Defying expectations, these larger banks are proving they have the agility to move fast in the face of change.

2) We found that all banks expect blockchains to eradicate frictions across the board. But Trailblazers stand apart from other banks in one respect. They see the most substantial reductions in those frictions that bring down the barriers to creating new business models and entering new markets. Likewise, these bold banks are singularly focused on using blockchain technology to greatly improve the accuracy of the information they rely on to act on decisions (see Figure 3).

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