Vol 12, No 07 (2016) International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)

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International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)

The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering, cyber-physical systems, virtual instrumentation and online simulations. The use of virtual and remote controlled devices and remote laboratories is one of the future trend developments for advanced teleworking/e-working environments.
Online Engineering is the future trend in engineering and science. It covers working directions such as remote engineering, cyber-physical systems, virtual instrumentation, simulation techniques and others.
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Vol 12, No 07 (2016)

Table of Contents


Song Ling, Qi Dong yang
pp. 4-9
Vladimir M Cvjetkovic, Milan Matijevic
pp. 10-17
Zhongcheng Lei, Wenshan Hu, Hong Zhou
pp. 18-23
Anzhelika Parkhomenko, Olga Gladkova, Alexandr Sokolyanskii, Vladislav Shepelenko, Yaroslav Zalyubovskiy
pp. 24-29
Frantisek Lustig, Jiri Dvorak, Pavel Kuriscak, Pavel Brom
pp. 30-36
Reinhard Langmann, Leandro Rojas-Peña
pp. 37-44
Mark Smith, Ananda Maiti, Andrew D Maxwell, Alexander A Kist
pp. 45-52
Yiwang Wang, Houjun Tang, Shuki Fan, Hai Chen, Rui Wang
pp. 53-58
Zeyu Sun, Yuanbo Li, Chuanfeng Li, Yalin Nie
pp. 59-65

Short Papers

John Petearson Anzola, Helien Parra, Andres Camilo Jimenez
pp. 66-69

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