[Infographic] The Digital Transformation of Language Training @rosettastone

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de Rosetta Stone titulada The Digital Transformation of Language Training que nos presentan así:

Research firm VansonBourne recently concluded a survey of 500 business execs on Rosetta Stone’s behalf. The insights of these leaders, based in the UK and Germany, are now organized into a comprehensive infographic, “The Language Tutor’s New Face”.

Click here to download “The Language Tutor’s New Face” infographic.

These business leaders are operating on the front lines of international business. So when 87 percent of them say their organizations rely on more than one critical language, you can assume that is a solid majority of businesses in the world today.

The infographic starts with a brief exploration of just how much online learning is revolutionizing education across the world. Growth in the market is reaching an exponential rate, while costs to businesses are decreasing compared to traditional training models.

But where is this growth coming from? The infographic then digs deeper into exactly which kinds of businesses and organizations are leveraging e-learning for their corporate education goals. Quite a few of those organizations are the most successful companies on the globe.(leer más...)

 Fuente: [ Roseta Stone]