THE ADDIE MODEL - Generic process used by Instructional Designers. Infographic @KnowledgeOne_

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de Knowledge One, titulada:THE ADDIE MODEL - GENERIC PROCESS USED BY INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS, y :que nos presentan así:

The ADDIE model is a framework that lists generic processes that instructional designers and training developers. It encompasses five interconnected phases, as follows:

This model is perhaps the most common design model in the instructional design world, and works best when paired with other models or as a variation of the standard one.

In the infographic below you can see a quick representation of the standard approach to this Instructional Systems Design framework, as well as of the timeline for its development. When it is applied to real word, two small but inevitable steps are added both before and after as “Preparation” and “Maintenance”. Then the P-ADDIE-M model is a completed cycle for the ideal situation, which covers all the details and meet all the requirements for various cases.
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