Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision Facts, Figures and Practical Advice from Workforce Experts. Report @manpowergroup #Millennials

Hoy treaemos a este espacio este documento gráfico , informe titulado "Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision. Facts, Figures and Practical Advice from Workforce" de ManpowerGroup ... del que os dejamos aquí arriba un ejemplo de gráfico sobre "hours worked per week"  y a la izquierda "top five priorities when looking for a job" ... y que, en la intro nos presentan así:

By 2020 Millennials will make up over a third of the global workforce. That’s one reason so many reports about them exist. Some say they are disloyal, self-absorbed and lazy, while others claim they’re a generation of digital entrepreneurs and innovators. Some aim to dispel the myths others have created. Just type “Millennials are…” into a Google search to see the stereotypes. This is not just another Millennial report. This report presents new findings with fresh insights from the perspective of both employers and employees. As world of work experts, we have nearly 30,000 employees advising 400,000 clients on hiring decisions and talent development every year. We find work for 3.4 million people— about half of whom are Millennials. We carried out quantitative research across 25 countries surveying 19,000 Millennials, including 8,000 ManpowerGroup associate employees and more than 1,500 of our own hiring managers. We asked what they look for in a job, what development opportunities they seek and what would make them stay with an employer. We wanted to understand how different they are or aren’t from the rest of the workforce and from generations before them. We wanted to ensure that the sample represented all working Millennials; not just the top percent of tech-savvy earners, but also the graduates and non-graduates across all industries, income and education levels. The time is ripe for employers to take a fresh look at their people strategies. This report is the first in a series providing a practical guide with clear recommendations for employers on how to attract, retain, develop and motivate the best Millennials for the 21st century workforce.

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