20 Tips for Effective and Easy Self-Education by @habitsguy. slideshare

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare titulada " 20 Tips for Effective and Easy Self-Education" de  Steve Scott que presenta así:"The following 20 tips will helpyou adopt the right attitude that will get you through a successful journey for self-education."
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  • I am an author, blogger and speaker. I write about self-help, personal development, habit change and online publishing. I currently write for Developgoodhabits.com as well as my own self-published books. I have been a guest speaker on 100 podcasts and have a podcast of my own dealing with questions surrounding self publishing, titled originally enough selfpublishingquestions.com. I have been self employed and and making a living online for over 12 years. I spent many years as an internet marketer and a fledgling blogger, but have made my living almost exclusively from my published books for the past 4 years. My spin on personal development is different from some of the self procl...
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Colegio Providencia ha dicho que…
Te felicito por tu artículo y tu blog, son estupendos.
Nosotros en el colegio también contamos con nuestro propio blog, donde publicamos notas de educación, pero las tuyas son muy interesantes.

Saludos Cordiales!
un placer tenerles por aquí Colegio Providencia, visitaremos su blog.. ;-)