Digital Humanities. Librarian & Faculty Survey Results. Stewart Varner and Patricia Hswe @CengageLearning & @amlibraries

Hoy traemos a este espacio el informe escrito por Stewart Varner and Patricia Hswe write in their special report on “ Digital Humanities in Libraries ” ( American Libraries, Jan./Feb. 2016), libraries are “unsure how they should respond as DH attracts more and more practitioners and its definition evolves to cover an ever-expanding range of techniques and methods.”

A team of researchers—led by Gale's Director of New Product Strategy and Development Bret Costain and Cengage Learning Senior Research Statistician Phillip Elliott, and joined by Kathy Rosa, director of the American Library Association's Office for Research and Statistics—created the survey questions and analyzed the results.
A total of 339 librarians and 409 humanities faculty completed the questionnaires, giving a margin of error of ±5.3% and ±4.8% respectively.
Arriba teneis el Faculty Survey Results, y aquí el Librarian Survey Results

También les dejamos aquí enlace, vía nuestro twitter @eraser a dos artículos que tratan sobre dichos informes en American Libraries Magazine:

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