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#CET16Congress: "Communication and Education by Transmedia" . Erasmus+project 2014-2016. 20-22 Abril. Universitat de Girona (Catalonia) Spain

Hoy traemos a este espacio a #CET16Congress "Communication and Education by Transmedia" . Erasmus+project 2014-2016:
The project: Description

The proposal of this project is to study the situation in the primary and the secondary schools and to find answers related to the use of the new technologies and how the students are using them. For this reason, the project team includes four high schools, a primary school, a teachers' training center, and the faculty of Communication of the University of Girona. The principal aims of the project are to:
  1.   Offer to teachers, students and parents the best knowledge and tools in order to integrate in the best possible way the new technologies in the school. 
  2.  Produce a scientific research to realize the situation of how the schools (primary and secondary) use this technologies. 
  3. Produce two Decalogues about the safe use of Internet and about the policy to use both software and hardware in the school and the teaching-learning process (laptops, ipad, mobile phones, applications, programs...)
  4.  Produce materials to develop the decalogues for different sessions in the classroom. 
  5. Produce three seminars and one MOOC course with the information and tools developed in the project. 
  6. Create a web site and Apps in order to share all the products, always under Creative Commons open license. 
  7. Publish a special number in the scientific journal "Communication Papers", published under Creative Commons license, with the content of the research and the conclusions. 
  8.  Organize, at the end of the project, an international Congress about COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATION BY TRANSMEDIA (the project acronym) to show and spread the products of the project.
About US

The Project: Management

The new rules of Erasmus+, if the project is shared by different kinds of institutions, hand over the control and management of the budget of the project to the coordinating institution. Our organization and its coordinator, have a long experience in previous projects that were also coordinated by us. The last one, the Multilateral Comenius project "Water: the life of my river, my life" was a project of eight partners from seven countries. With seven institutions, the communications among the partners will always be through the coordinators. Each coordinator will have its own team of teachers to keep informed, to assist in the development of the activities/tasks/outputs we will need to design and to help in the development and testing of the final products. The center of the organization is the coordinator. Each one of them is responsible of what their organization has to produce and for the coordinator of the applicant organization it's easier to contact only with the other coordinators. We believe that eTwinning is a valuable tool that provides both teachers and students with the appropriate and safe environment to communicate. For that reason, we plan to use it explicitly in our project. Also all the mails or spaces like Dropbox or Google Drive, will be shared among the seven coordinators.

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